Annual Report 2014

Control System

The technotrans Group’s internal control system has the purpose of overseeing implementation of the corporate strategy. The control system basically comprises regular strategic discussions within the Board of Management and in-year planning discussions – including investment and personnel planning aspects – with the individual managing directors of the companies, as well as a monthly analysis of the business performance. The system seeks to identify deviations as early on as possible so that swift action can be taken as appropriate. Over and above this, the individual managing directors monitor and analyse their respective markets and specific competitive environment and report to the Board of Management on material changes to it, and on the opportunities and risks. The Board of Management submits regular reports to the Supervisory Board.

technotrans AG and its group companies are controlled first and foremost on the basis of revenue and earnings ratios (EBIT margin). Corporate planning as a whole is furthermore based on cash flow.

The following summary shows the development in the key financial ratios for the group over the past three years:

  target figure IST
  2014 2014 2013 2012
revenues (€ million) € 110 million +/- 5 % 112.4 105.2 90.7
EBIT (€ million) 6.8 4.6 5.4
EBIT margin (%) 4 - 6 % 6.1 4.4 5.9
Free Cashflow (€ million) positive 4.8 -3.4 13.2

The business performance of the technotrans Group in the 2014 financial year was therefore positive overall, and slightly better than expected.