Annual Report 2014

Business Performance and Position

The 2014 financial year progressed better than planned. technotrans generated revenue in excess of € 112 million and achieved an EBIT margin of more than 6 percent. As a result, the final growth targets set for 2014 were slightly exceeded in terms of both revenue and operating profit.

At the time the plans for 2014 were crystallised, the Board of Management was expecting a moderate economic development that would bring the technotrans Group slight revenue growth. Revenue for the 2014 financial year was expected to reach € 110 million, give or take 5 percent. Both segments – “Technology” and “Services” – were forecast to grow. Based on the planned revenue expectations, the EBIT margin was expected to come in at between 4 and 6 percent. The free cash flow, too, was predicted to be positive again.

Overall, the revenue performance of the past financial year of € 112.4 million was pleasingly towards the upper end of the range of € 110 million plus or minus 5 percent, and represented a 6.8 percent improvement on the previous year’s revenue total. The Technology segment in particular developed positively. By contrast, the Services segment did not quite match its prior-year revenue total and thus fell short of expectations. The increased revenue and the product mix also noticeably improved earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT); the overall EBIT margin for the group of 6.1 percent represented a slightly better result than planned. On the financing side, too, the group targets for 2014 were achieved as planned; the free cash flow was € 4.8 million and is back in positive territory. The strong equity position affords financial security and stability, and enables the company to continue pursuing the long-term development of its products and business.