Annual Report 2014

The Success Story

Milestones in the company history of technotrans

Legal form of Termotek AG, Baden-Baden and gds AG, Sassenberg into a GmbH
Debut of mobile cooling systems for batteries and chillers for charging stations and converter at InnoTrans, Berlin - international trade fair for Transport Technology
Acquisition of majority interests in KLH Kältetechnik GmbH and its sister companies in Singapore and PR China
Partnership with KLH Kältetechnik GmbH resulting in increased presence in the market for laser cooling systems
Merger of Chinese production operations at the KLH location in Taicang Spray lubrication for forming technology makes debut at the Euroblech show Acquisition of a majority interest in Sprachenwelt GmbH by gds AG
Acquisition of Termotek AG
technotrans becomes serial supplier of the toolsmart (for cooling lubricant preparation) to Sauer GmbH
Transfer of technical operations for ink supply systems from Gersthofen to Sassenberg
Cooperation with Termotek AG, resulting in entry into the laser market Business units define and evaluate 30 projects outside the printing industry
Production operations are halted at the Mt. Prospect (USA) and Gersthofen (Germany) locations and transferred to Sassenberg, and the structures in Asia are consolidated
Two employees‘ representatives are elected to the Supervisory Board (One-Third Employee Representation Act)
Establishment of the subsidiary in Dubai (UAE)
Establishment of the subsidiary in Moscow (Russia)
Opening of a further sales and service office in Shanghai, China
Opening of a further sales and service office in Melbourne, Australia
Merger of the two American production locations in Chicago
Establishment of the subsidiary in Brazil
Opening of a further sales and service office in Madrid, Spain
Construction of new production plant at Gersthofen, near Augsburg
Opening a further sales and service office in Yokohama, Japan
Consolidation of international production capacities and relocation of assembly from technotrans graphics ltd., Colchester (Great Britain), to Sassenberg
Transfer of activities from Atlanta to the principal American location in Chicago
Takeover of the American Steve Barberi Company Inc. and its subsidiary, Farwest Graphic Technologies LLC, of Corona, near Los Angeles, California (USA), renamed technotrans america west, inc.
Takeover of the Electroforming Division of Toolex International N.V., which now operates as technotrans scandinavia AB, Tåby, Sweden
Establishment of technotrans japan k.k. as a sales and service company
Establishment of technotrans china ltd., Hong Kong, as a sales and service company
Takeover of the American company Ryco Graphic Manufacturing, Inc. (Chicago) and merger with technotrans america inc.
Founding of technotrans technologies pte. ltd. in Singapore
Founding of the subsidiary technotrans italia s.r.l. in Milan
The subsidiary technotrans systems GmbH is merged with technotrans AG
Takeover of BVS Grafische Technik GmbH, which is renamed technotrans systems GmbH
Initial public offering
Transformation into a stock corporation
Founding of technotrans printing equipment (Beijing) Co. Ltd., People’s Republic of China
technotrans america inc. is established in Atlanta, Georgia (USA)
technotrans france s. a. r. l. is founded
technotrans becomes original equipment supplier for the Heidelberg Speedmaster and MAN-Roland 700 presses
Management Buy-out
technotrans graphics ltd. is founded in Colchester, Great Britain
Launch of the new system component concept for ancillary equipment on printing presses
technotrans is one of the world’s three largest suppliers of dampening solution preparation systems
Launch of the first ink roller temperature control systems
Development of a seperate product line for dampening solution preparation systems
Production of the first dampening solution equipment
Initial contacts with the audio media and printing industry
Founding of the company